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Misty Lane Watercolour Painting

P a u l   D e n e   M a r l o r    -    A r t i s t


Born in 1969 in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, Paul has been painting and drawing from an early age. He paints various subject matter including landscapes, seascapes, still life, floral and wildlife. 

'My paintings are the result of many years studying the beautiful scenery that we have in abundance in the UK. I have found watercolour to be my preferred medium to capture the ever-changing mood and atmosphere of the places I have been privileged enough to live in and visit.'


The beauty of the Pennine landscape where Paul works and lives, particularly the windswept moors, begs to be painted, he spends as much time as he can outdoors, sketching and taking reference photos.

'Although there can be a great amount of detail in some of my wildlife work, some of my landscapes can be very loose and leave the viewer to fill in the gaps with their imagination.'


Paul studied at Halifax Art College and also at Dewsbury and Batley Art College, specialising in graphic design. After this he ran his own graphic design company, until 2007 when he became a full-time professional artist, concentrating on watercolour and developing his own style.

He has exhibited widely since 2007, holding regular exhibitions and having had a large number of images published. His paintings are in collections in this country and abroad.

Paul's watercolour paintings have earned him several awards both nationally and Internationally.

Paul won the SAA 'Professional Artist of the Year' for his watercolor painting of 'Halifax Town Hall,' exhibited at the 'It's all about Art' event in London. He has appeared on 'Sky Landscape Artist of the Year' painting at 'Lyme Park' in Cheshire and he was also chosen the following year, for the program painting Wray Castle in the lake district.

Halifax Town Hall Award winning painting in watercolour

'Halifax Town Hall'


These are Paintings or drawings that Paul is working on or has recently finished

May 21, 2020

Come on, Keep up!

This is a recently finished piece completed using graphite pencil of a herd of elephants being led by a baby elephant titled ' Come on, Keep up!

May 21, 2020

Come on Hurry up!

This is another recently finished drawing completed using graphite pencil of a group of Rhinos being led by a baby Rhino titled ' Come on, Hurry up! Paul is working on a series of different wildlife drawings in this panoramic format, more to come!

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 Elephants walking in a line
Rhinos walking in a line


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